Benefits of Membership

Allergy Society Membership

CAAS Membership includes both a social element, as well as an educational one. We understand the importance of socializing, collaborating and learning with other professionals in your field and the Colorado Allergy and Asthma Society is a great place to do just that. CAAS members enjoy:

  • 7 meetings per year with other top allergists and immunologists throughout the state
  • Nationally renowned speakers from across the U.S.
  • Cocktail hour and full course dinner at premier event locations in Denver
  • Affiliation with the only State society representing immunologists in the State of Colorado

Collaboration with Colleagues

Members of the Colorado Allergy and Asthma Society enjoy year-round, professional collaboration through 7 social and educational meetings with other top Allergists and Immunologists throughout the state.

Featured Keynote Speaker

The focal point of our meetings includes a presentation from one of many nationally renowned speakers from across the U.S. with expertise in allergy, asthma and immunology, as well as other topics in the larger healthcare arena, such as practice management and patient communication.

Dinner and Drinks

In addition, each event features a full course dinner at various premier event locations in Denver, kicked off with a cocktail hour to allow our members and sponsors to shake hands, share wisdom and learn from one another’s experience.

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